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Asan International Corporation

Shipping and trading Group as being your provider to all your Shipping and trading queries

Beside International trading focused on Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Industrial Machinery and equipment, Commodity and in view of the fast growing demand of the Far Eastern along with European market, with a target to open up both the domestic and overseas liquid chemical shipping, experienced and professional Traders, ship managers and brokers have decided to establish a strong partnership and business group, in order to meet our customer's demand.

This team has combined forces enabling them to provide a full range of services that are available, independent or in combination, for a complete trading and logistics package. We pride ourselves in delivering a global service with local knowledge and also in our commitment to perfection by providing personalized, customer tailored, world class service and HI-TECH solutions to suit our clients' needs. we believe in building genuine relationships through open and honnest communication.

Business focus middle east
Business Focus Middle East

Business Focus Middle East

The Persian Gulf States, Turkey and Azerbaijan generate a most interesting market with attractive growth rates and a population of more than 200 mio people. Best funded investors meet tremendous investments still lying ahead for infrastructure, urbanisation, civil engineering and construction as well as for the development of an efficient service providing industry.

Asan group Consulting is your reliable and experienced partner with the right and essential connections to local politics, administration and economy. Together with Asan group you obtain a significant competitive advantage and a decisive gain of time to achieve your business objectives in Middle East.