What We Do ?

Our unique business concept

We combine a long lasting trading and business tradition with the latest know how and expertise of a modern consulting firm. Due to this and our excellent connections to important decision makers in politics and economy we are able to create cross-cultural business strategies of sustainable value.

The system

Our business and project partners are Europe‘s and partly worldwide leading suppliers, manufacturers, service providers and worlds leading experts in planning, architecture, engineering and construction. In additon we have numerous valuable contacts to universities of technology. The industry sector overlapping consulting approach enabels us to interlink our clients with optimal partners from other service or industry branches.

  • Financial services

    The concept - We offer taylor made payment and financing concepts specifically designed for projects and supplies to or from the Middle East region. In addition to arrange financing, Asan Group itself acts due to our finacial capability as an investor in chosen cases. The area of finance completes the range of our overall service concept of logistics, trading, procurement, obtaining permission and authorization etc., so that our customers can concentrate on their core competencies.

  • Logistics

    Tell us your desired destination - we deliver right on time anywhere you have in mind. We have the best contacts to most qualified logistic companies in different countries all over the world. Regardless if solid or liquid, if bulk cargo or technical equipment, we find the right and the quickest way to deliver your goods. And it is quite natural that we comply with all freight and custom formalities. In addition we are able to offer attractive cargo terms due to freight volume pooling.

  • Project management

    The concept - Wherever our clients want to set up a foreign base, a business or a project, Asan Group is a link of contact who cares for all concerns. We offer a comprising local and international support and coordination of our clients projects. From feasibility studies via basic and detailed engineering, authorization and permission procedures through to project implementation we stand by our clients side. Asan Group-network knows the right contact person on the national and international level, the best experts in planning, architechture, engineering and construction and the right enterprises to set up your projects in a time saving, optimal way.

  • Trading

    System - We provide expertise and a specialized range of trading solutions for import/export, „third party deals“ and general trading, and we are ready to buy and sell your equipment and services with destination Middle East and North Africa (MENA). We can select from a European wide portfolio of leading suppliers and due to our strong network of logistic partners we deliver „just in time“ world wide by air, sea and land transportation. Regardless if you want to sell or buy, with us you will get Leading technologies at highest quality, Highest reliability and best value added,Best shipping rates and financial performance.

  • M & A

    Your professional and well informed partner in M & A matters - We are the right people to talk to if you want to buy or sell a company or a part of it. We give you advice to identify matching targets or prospective buyers, to evaluate companies and in finding a reasonable bid, taking strategic aspects and rising synergies into account. And our gloabal network will be very helpful to find a suitable strategy or joint venture partner for your business . Especially if a target or a potential partner is located in a whole different cultural hemispere, a cautious and attentive approach is quite important for a project‘s success.