Our Group

All for one , One for all

Consulting and Trading Firm

Independent, world wide acting consulting and trading firm in Frankfurt a.M./Germany. We combine a long lasting trading and business tradition with the latest know how and expertise of a modern consulting firm.

The Global Network

Grown within 60 years of business practice, with first-class strategic partners, alliances and associated companies, along with market leaders and global operating corporates.

Since CA.1650

Trading business since CA.1650, international/european activities since 1875 in Hamburg, Machester und New York, and starting in Frankfurt in 1955.

Providing unique services

Acting globally with a focus on Europe und Middle East including Persian Gulf States, Turkey, Jemen.


Anticipating and preventing common intercultural misunderstandings and needless differences.


Most helpful approach to establish and creat a successful and also a cross-cultural partnership.


Taking account of different mentalities, cultures, traditions, and languages.


100% Subsidiary of a global, privatly owned holding group.